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Nest Egg Wealth Management offers a diverse array of

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David and JT Hohmann

We strive to create positive changes to improve your financial health

We believe that you will hear these words from many financial planners, “Your investment portfolio needs to be diversified.” What does that mean? They are likely describing owning different stocks and bonds blended together in one portfolio, limiting your choices to a single way of choosing what is bought and sold inside your account.

Most portfolios we review reflect only one investment strategy, allowing us to suggest there is room for improvement for you. Available strategies can include momentum, contrarian, fundamental, among others. What does this mean? That the eggs we choose, how we choose them, when we buy them, and when we sell them will be different with each strategy, increasing your opportunity to benefit from market activity while reducing your exposure to risk. We then communicate what a revenue model is and compare it to the “Gee, I sure hope this works” Growth Model. Many investors hold only one or the other model. Talking with our team will strive to ensure that your future is matched to the proper blend of Revenue and Growth.

Nest Egg Wealth Management Inc. recognizes that how you think about what to buy and sell is just as important as having a variety of stocks and bonds. Nest Egg invites you to discuss the differences between a Revenue Model and a “Gee, I sure hope this works” Growth Model, as well as our philosophy of true diversification.

Financial Planner with diverse experience in personal banking, insurance policies, investment realty, individual 401(k) plans, and assorted investment strategies tailored to your financial goals.

We have been active members of the financial community since 1987.

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Generating ideas and strategies for a professional asset management strategy to help you invest in yourself, your family, and your future together.

A plan for the life you want with the investment strategies you need

We listen to our clients, understand their investment goals, and determine the types of investments best suited for their needs. Our plan is simple: To listen, create, and execute.

Step 1


We believe our approach differentiates us because we will ask questions that may be new to you. We conduct a full financial audit where we ask about your current life, your future plans, your experience with another financial planner, and the types of investments you already have.

Step 2


We strive to create an investment service plan tailored to what you share with us in the initial interview and what we discover with the ‘portfolio comparison,’ matching your assets to your lifestyle choices.


Step 3


After understanding where you are and where you want to go, we create a diversified investment portfolio that goes beyond an assortment of stocks and bonds. We implement diversification by working with fully developed, innovative strategies, provided by what we believe are some of the brightest minds in the investment industry.

Step 4

Monitor & Manage

Then, we execute your plan and manage the outcomes. As market conditions change, we modify allocations and additional investments to optimize your portfolio’s purpose.

Nest Egg’s Investment Services

Are you investing?

In our role as a financial consultant, we want to answer your questions. “How do I start investing?” “How do I start a 401(k)?” “How do I withdraw from my 401(k)?” “How long will my portfolio last?” These are some of our most common questions. We love it when our clients ask them.

Our view of money and investments translates to tools designed to deliver the life you want. Flexible wealth offers you the liberty, freedom, and independence to pursue your goals and explore your curiosities.

Our clients appreciate our commitment to continuing education, enhancing our expertise, focusing our attention to detail, and guiding our genuine desire to form long-standing relationships. We believe too many advisors fill their vocabulary with industry jargon and confusing terminology that places portfolio management in the realm of mystery, offering you –the client–very little clarity regarding the mechanics of how your goals are actually pursued.

We remove the mystery of investments through disciplined processes.

When you talk with us, you are talking with a husband, a father, and Nest Egg’s growing financial team with varied life experience, capable of illustrating our points without confusing the issues. We want you to understand your investment plan. Instead of talking about Relative Strength Indicators or Algorithmic Methodology, we illustrate the how and why of our services, investment tools, and wealth management plan by sharing stories designed to educate and encourage. When you leave our office with a new understanding of your personal plan and share the words “This makes sense!”, we know that the stories, drawn illustrations, and videos have contributed to making the world of financial investing a more approachable and accessible experience for you.

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Services We Invite You To Consider

We offer concierge-style boutique investment services.

401(k) Management

Are you maximizing the benefits of your 401(k)? Contact us to schedule help for your 401(k).

Retirement Planning

One size does not fit all. Does your retirement plan match the life you want? We’ll help define your dreams for retirement.

Wealth Management

Looking for premier investment advice? We can show you the sophisticated strategies available to you.

Insurance Solutions

Wondering how to efficiently and effectively protect what you have? Let us share new ways to understand insurance.

Estate Planning

Is your plan designed as a tool to improve your family’s financial well-being? We’ll offer elegance in planning.

Real Estate

Wondering how your mortgage and other debts can be leveraged to your advantage? Contact us to learn about your best interest.

Education Planning

Wondering how you might pay for a private high school or college education? We can help!

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Are you looking for personal and custom financial advice? Contact us today and begin your journey.

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We are planning professionals who want you to be inspired by the possibilities of your financial future. When we sit down together, you will be engaged in the process of planning. Our conversation starts with defining your expectations, envisioning your dreams, and determining the essence of the life you want. As we talk, we want to remove the mysteries of the financial world to reveal the validity of disciplined, time-tested strategies that can be employed to express your vision. We take extensive pride in explaining these strategies in a way that brings clarity to complex market solutions. Our experience after many first meetings is hearing our clients say, “That makes sense!” That’s when we know we have done our job.

Would you like more clarity with your portfolio? Contact Nest Egg Wealth Management Inc.!

Why Choose Nest Egg

We work hard. We direct our energy into you and your investments. Other financial advisors will show you which mutual funds to use based on past performance. We will show you what tools to use not because of their past performance, but because we have actually traveled the country, interviewed the fund managers, created relationships with prominent financial institutions, and cultivated exciting, sophisticated strategies for the life you want.

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