Team Details

David Hohmann


David Hohmann cares about you. He listens, asks for clarifications, and gets to the heart of the vision for your life. When you meet with him, you will experience his deep sense of responsible concern for family, formed while learning about teamwork with his brothers and sisters after his father died. Since that time David has been developing skill sets that help others to help themselves. This has resulted in the development of sophisticated financial plans defined by the ease with which they are implemented and maintained. Nest Egg Wealth Management Inc. will help guide you toward the life you want!

David’s experience as both a private banker and a financial advisor offers a unique insight into both sides of the balance sheet. He recognizes a financial plan is meant to generate a sense of well-being right now and secure a vision for the future. David enjoys utilizing a holistic approach to wealth management, where liabilities and assets are placed in a symbiotic relationship to best pursue your vision. Recently, David called his clients when interest rates dropped to talk them through their options for decreasing their mortgage payments.

David can help you generate new streams of income to enable the things you want in life now while planning for later. His acumen for service and results has been developed by his time at Provident Federal, Associated Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Being a financial advisor is more than the digits in an account; it’s about helping people to live the life they want.

For him, wealth offers you the freedom and liberty to enjoy life more thoroughly. Stephanie, the love of his life, refined his knowledge of wealth management by helping him better understand the purpose of client’s portfolios.  Together, they developed the concept of “flexible wealth,” a term that has become integral in the lives of their children and extended family. “Flexible Wealth” encourages spontaneity and creates the environment for a memorable experience with your children or family. It provides the opportunity to take your breath away on the mountainside as you look towards the horizon. It’s the ability to pursue what feeds your soul. “Flexible Wealth” is designed to reflect each stage of your life.

David looks beyond the investing of your money…he wants to help you live the life you want.