Team Details

Shelby Henderson


Shelby Henderson is a new assistant with Nest Egg Wealth with 10 years of customer service experience. She studied Culinary Arts at the South Side Mission in Peoria and is a recent graduate of Triccoci University where she uses her business and personalization skills to connect with clients. Born and raised in Central Illinois she understands both city and country lifestyles. Starting at a young age travel and trying new things has been a big priority in her life while traveling abroad for the first time at 13 this is something she continues to share with her family in making new memories. With her specific skill experience and understanding she strives to connect with and build meaningful relationships with all our clients. Shelby is inspired daily by her newly wed husband Tyler and their two young children, Arya who is 4 and Oliver who is 2. In her free time she loves to spend time baking for family and holiday events, taking walks with her family and dog Cali, crochet, as well as makeup doing for parties and weddings.